Soil requirement

Lentil can be cultivated on well-drained light loam, alluvial soil of the Indo-Gangetic plains and the black cotton soil of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In West Bengal and Assam, it is cultivated on clay and silty loamy soil. The crop is moderately tolerant to saline and acid soils. Well-drained deep sandy clay loam soil is most suitable for lentil cultivation.

Field Preparation

One deep ploughing followed by cross harrowing and planking ensures better field for cultivation of lentil. A good field should have friable but compact soil, adequate moisture and free from weeds and plant debris. Under utera or relay cropping system, lentil is sown by broadcasting seeds in rice crop 7-10 days before  harvest. In case of low moisture in soils before sowing, pre-sowing irrigation is recommended for proper germination.