Stemphylium blight

 Stemphylium blight

It is a serious disease in West Bengal and Eastern Bihar. The disease is caused by stemphylium sp. and diseased plants are often left with only terminal leaves. This disease appears when it rains in the season. The disease generally only develops in the terminal end of the growing season, from late bloom through late pod-fill.


  • The disease often develops in large, irregular patches within fields, and it may be more severe where plants are under nitrogen stress.
  • Severe leaf drop, resulting in defoliated plants.


Ascochyta blight


To be effective against Stemphylium blight, application of foliar fungicides  in the last stage of the growing season; because the disease rarely develops until late in the growing season, fungicide applications at flowering stage are unlikely to be effective. As with other diseases, foliar fungicides are likely to be best as preventive measures.