Generally good / optimum yield of mung bean can be optained if cultivated in loamy, sandy loamy, and soil, For mung bean cultivation in kharif season well drained land is well suited. 

The following varieties are yellow mosaic disease resistant.

  • Kharif season - Samrat, IPM - 2 - 14, ML - 2056, Pusa 0672, CO - , GG - 4, DGGV - 2, KM - 2195 A, Pant Mung - 5, Pant mung 6-A, MH - 2 - 15, MH - 3 18, Satya, Varsha.
  • Spring / Summer season - HUM - 16, HUM - 12, IPM - 2-14, IPM - 2 - 3, Pant Mung - 5, Pusa Vishal, Shikha, Virat MH - 318.
  • Rabi / Rice fallow - LGG - 460
  • It is advised to control white fly (Vector /Carrier of the disease) to limit the spread of yellow mosaic disease in the crop. 

A packed (250 gm) of rhizobium culture is sufficient for the treatment of 10kg seed. Preior to 8-10 hours of sowing 100gm of jiggery or sugar may be period in ½ a litre of water. Rest the mixture to cool, then add the whole packed of rhizobium culture and stir it with stick and mix well with 10kg of seed in a bucket. The mixture should be proper coated on the surface of seed. Let the seed dry properly in shade. Sowing can be done on very next day.

The major diseases which harm the mungbean crop are yellow mosaic disease, Leaf spot (Cercaspot),Anthracnoze (rot disease) and powdery mildew.

Improve variety of mungbean seed can be optained from:

  • Sale counters states seed  development corporation.
  • Different Agricultural Universities.
  • Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur.
  • KrishiVigyanKendras.
  • Sale counters of National seed Development Corporation.
  • Office of Block Development officers at Block level.
  • Resource corporationCommittees.