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e Knowledge Platform on Pulse Crops

" e Knowledge Platform on Pulse Crops" This e knowledge platform on pulse crops has been developed to share and popularise the available knowledge resources related to the production technologies of major pulse crops with farmer,extension workers and other stakeholders. The platform developed by ICAR - Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur contains useful and well treated information on all the major pulse crops (Chickpea, Pigeonpea,Fieldpea, Lentil, Mungbean and Urdbean) cultivated in India in a categorised manner.

The software Varietal Information System of Pulses(VIS) integrated in this platform provides detailed and illustrated information on the important pulse crop varieties recommended for a particular district of the country. The user can extract district level information on varietal options based on preferred crop characteristics using the system. The Disease and Pest Information System of Pulses (DPISP) available on the website can be used to draw information on symptoms and management technologies of major pest and diseases of pulse crops. Image based Weed Information System of Pulse (WISP) available on the website helps the user to identify major weeds of winter season (rabi) and rainy season (kharif)pulse crops and also provide detailed information on their management.

The basic structure of the platform has been designed with the aim to make its operation simple for users. Pulse farmers, extension personnel, students and other users can register themselves for mobile advisory services “Dalhan sandesh" of ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur using the website.

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