Pigeonpea commonly known as red gram or tur is the most important pulse crop in India after chickpea. It is primarily consumed in split form as ‘dal’.  India accounts for more than 75 % of total pigeon pea area and about 68 % of total pigeon pea production  in the world. 

Pigeonpea plant may be self or cross pollined. Pigeonpea plant has tap root system that  supports the growth of plants under moisture stress conditions. The rhizobia present in root nodules of pigeonpea plants helps in fixing the atmospheric nitrogen for  its grrowth as well as fix approx. 40 kg/hectare of nitrogen in the soil. The leaf litter of pigeon pea also enriched the soil with organic matter and help in maintaining soil fertility. Pigeon Pea is grown in  tropical, temperate and mild temperate regions from 300  North to 300South.