Mungbean is a traditional pulse crop of India. It is widely grown in South East Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. In India, Mungbean is grown in all three seasons i.e., Kharif, Rabi and Spring/summer. Among various pulse crops, Mungbean has a unique characteristic of easily integrating into any cropping system.  In India, mungbean is mainly grown as kharif crop, however with increasing irrigation facitlities and avaialibility of short duration varieties, its cutltivation in spring/summer season has also picked up. In addition, mungbean is also grown as rabi crops in rice fallow area in the sourthern and coastal regions of the country. Insect pest control assumes importance to achieve high productivity of mungbean. The sweet sticky secretion by the plant attract a host of insects. The loss in the production caused by them may reach up to 70% depending upon the severity of attack.